Canada Day



2.Make your money book (Colour and cut)

3.Canada map (Colour and label provinces and territories)

4. Pin Poking

5.Beaver puppet ( colouring pencil, scissor, glue)

6.Dragonfly (colouring pencil, pencil)

7. Moose ( Colour the body parts and write the words into the box.)

8. Maple leaf (Colour and cut)

9. Flag colouring book

10. Roll a dot ladybug addition



Life cycle



1.  Frog life cycle (coloured permanent markers)

Draw your own frog life cycle.

2. Adding (counters, coloured pencil)

3. Adding (counters, coloured pencil)

4. Sewing

5. Strawberry  (coloured pencil, pencil for writing)

6. Strawberry life cycle( draw your strawberry life cycle, pencils)

7. Cutting activities

7. Bean life cycle

8. Fingerprint chickens (yellow or white paint, black marker)

9. Body parts ( Copy the words into the boxes and colour the body part)

10. Frog or toad

11. Greenhouse ( add a little water, tape it on the window. Please make sure this is not the hottest window, you can cook them easily. Trust me it happened to me.)







1.Shapes (pencil, coloured pencil)

2. Animal of Africa(pencil, coloured pencil, scissors)

Write the words on the line, colour it, cut it, turn into a little booklet.

3. Pin punching (pin,bath towel to protect the table)

4. Parts of an elephant (pencil, coloured pencil)

5.Parts of a camel (pencil, coloured pencil)

6. Draw your elephant, copy the word into the boxes, colour your picture.

7. Draw your camel, copy the words into the boxes, colour your camel.

8. Color your map, (stay between the lines, no scribbling, please don’t use the same colour for neighbours )

9. African art (patience, a lot)

10. Subtraction ( coloured pencil, counters)

You can read the story of The Lion and the Mouse.

11. Pyramid (markers, scissors, glue)

12. Flag colouring (coloured pencil)


13.Building pyramids (grab some lego and try to build a square based pyramid)

14.Earth Day (coloured pencil, counters)


15. Spooning coffee beans



18. Puzzles

19. Books

I wish I could BEE with you

1.Count the stripes and put them in order.

2. Pin punching (pin, something smooth to protect the table, bath towel)

3. Draw your bee. (pencil, coloured pencil)

4. HoneyBee life cycle (pencil)

5.Honey Bee life cycle booklet (pencil)

6.Bee hive ( You need yellow paint, black marker)

7. Sewing (needle)

8. Make your own bee (black marker, glue)

9. Addition (coloured pencil)

10. Books

Feel free to leave a comment. I would love to see pictures how these activities turned out. You can email me on